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The Science Faculty here at Parrs Wood High School is a highly successful faculty. We pride ourselves in our ambitious curriculum and choice of subjects available to our students across all age ranges and abilities.

As teachers, we strive to work closely as a dynamic and innovative team, to deliver the curriculum effectively so that students can enjoy science, achieve success, and relate it to the world around them.

The main aim of the Science Faculty is to work with students to help them develop and fulfil their highest potential, whilst preparing them for adulthood.

Everywhere you look in the modern world, science plays a vital part in our lives. From groundbreaking advances in medicine, to pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the universe.

Science at Key Stage 3

Students currently study a three-year curriculum at Key Stage 3. Year 7, 8 and 9 students follow the faculty’s own scheme of learning, which has been developed using the national curriculum and strategies such as the National Key Stage 3 Strategy. The scheme is regularly reviewed and modified to cater for the needs of all students at Parrs Wood High School.

Year 7 Programme of Study

In Year 7, much emphasis is placed on the important learning skills required to study science. Although students will have studied science at primary school, they need to adapt to the new learning environment of a science lab. Time is spent at the beginning of the year teaching students these basic skills. Year 7 cover units Cells 1 (Building Blocks of Life) Forces 1 (Forces and motion), Cells 2 (Reproduction), Particles 1 (Atoms and Elements) and Particles 2 (States of matter) in Term 1. In Term 2 our Year 7 students carry on with Energy 1 (Intro duction to Energy), Forces 2 (Fluids), Particles 3 (Mixtures) and Energy 2 (Electricity). In the final term of the year, Year 7 cover the remaining topics of Interdependence 1 (Variation, Energy 3 (Sound), Particles 4 (Acids and Alkalis) and Interdependence 2 (Ecosystems).

Year 8 Programme of Study

Year 8 cover units: Food and Nutrition, Light, Breathing and Respiration, Combustion and Plants in Term 1. In Term 2 our Year 8 students cover The Periodic Table, Metals and their uses, Unicellular organisms and Fluids. In the final term of the year the remaining units of Heat Transfers, Earth and Space and Magnetism are covered.

Year 9 Programme of Study

In Year 9, students complete their KS3 learning and ensure that the foundations needed for KS4 are firmly in place with any misconceptions addressed, ready for Year 10. Year 9 students cover units on The Periodic Table, Cells, Energy, Ecosystems and Density. In Term 2 Year 9 students move on to Chemical Reactions, Movement in Cells, Rates of Reaction and Digestion. The final term covers The Earth’s Atmosphere, Photosynthesis, Chemical Analysis, Cells 2 and Forces.

Science at Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, approximately 20% of the cohort will study AQA Separate Sciences with the rest of our students following AQA Trilogy Combined Science. Higher and foundation pathways are available to all students.

Year 10 students start Term 1 learning about Atomic Structure, Health Matters, Energy, Structure and Bonding, Cell Biology, and Electricity. Term 2 continues with Electricity, Photosynthesis, Particle Model of Matter, Moving and Changing Materials and Chemical Quantities and Calculations. Term 3 completes Moving and Changing Materials, Energy Changes in Chemical reactions, Atomic structure (including radioactivity), Rates of Reaction and Chemical Analysis.

Year 11 students start the year learning about Genetics, and Chemical Changes. The next units to be taught are Waves, and Energy Changes in Chemical reactions. Term 2 of Year 11 covers more Wave content, Hydrocarbons, Electromagnetism, Forces, Sustainable Development and Rates of Reaction.

Science at Key Stage 5

We offer the following subjects at Parrs Wood Sixth Form (click on the name for a subject leaflet):


Director of Faculty: J. Wild (j.wild@pwhs.co.uk)

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