Safeguarding Structure

Meet the safeguarding team

All members of the Safeguarding Team can be contacted via phone using the general school number - 0161 446 8640, or by email:

NOTE: Emails sent to this address are only monitored during the school day, 8.30am to 4pm,and in term time only.

Members of staff on the Safeguarding Team

  1. Michelle Dean
  2. Jane Barrens
  3. Karl Brereton
  4. Emma Woodward
  5. Paul Heron
  6. Shazlin Chowdhury
  7. Jo Mannion

Members of staff on Early Help Assesment Team

  1. Jane Barrens
  2. Karl Brereton
  3. Shazlin Chowdhury
  4. Jo Shapero
  5. Jo Mannion